Formation Evaluation


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Petrophysical Analysis

What is Petrophysics?

Coring Practices

Acoustic Log Analysis (Basic)

Density Log

Neutron Log

Well Testing

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- Outside PTA Links:

Feteke Short Video Presentations

Fekete has 6 well testing videos: Deconvolution I and 2, Testing Tight Gas Sands, Evaluation Gas-in-Place, Well Dynamics in Well Testing.

I particularly like the deconvolution one. This is a very complex area and Louis Mattar did a great job of "making it as simple as possible, but not more so." (Einstein)

Henri-Georges Doll

Other links (see note below on errors)

- Logging

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Log (Article by Schlumberger)

Petrophysics (Wikipedia)

Density Logs (Wikipedia)

SP Logs (Wikipedia)

Neutron Log (Schlumberger)

LAS format

- Wireline Testing

RDT (Reservoir Description Tool, Halliburton) RDT Fact Sheet (pdf)

MDT (Modular Formation Dynamics Tester, Schlumberger)

RCI (Reservoir Characterization Tool, Baker Hughes)

- Formation Characterization

Fundementals of Wettability (Oilfield Review, Schlumberger)

- Fluids Characterization

Advancing Fluid-Properties Measurements (Oilfield Review, Schlumberger)

Proper Well Conditioning for Taking a Bottomhole Sample (Corelabs)

Advanced Fluid Studies (Corelabs)

- Special Core Analysis (SCAL)

- Others

Video Presentation of NMR and other topics (Corelabs)

Compaction and Subsidence (Oilfield Review, Schlumberger)

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